Ensign Services, in partnership with CerpassRx and their Prescription Optimization Program (POP), will be working tirelessly to find options that put unwarranted pharmaceutical healthcare expenditures back in your pocket. Our team is here to assist you should you have any issues using your Pharmacy Benefits.

Using your ID card

Remember to show your ID card starting at the pharmacy.

BIN: 023385



Phone #: (844) 622-4369

Exclusive Ensign Services Preferred

Providers Include

CVS, Kroger, Sam’s, Walmart, Vons, & Albertsons

Interested in a cost savings tip? Ask for generic.

It’s just the same without the name, and the savings based on cost of the drug can be substantial.

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medications are covered

Prescription Optimization Program

The Prescription Optimization Program (POP) is designed to assist Ensign Services members with obtaining critical medications that they may normally have trouble affording. Medications over $1,000.00 will require a prior authorization from CerpassRx and routed through the POP team. Should you have any questions regarding this program, please reach out to the CerpassRx POP Team Advocate:
Phone: (888) 902-5533 or Email: PAPOPfax@FPBrx.com

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Using your pharmacy benefits

Start by reviewing your member ID card. You should see a CerpassRx logo on the back of your card. You are able to access your pharmacy benefit resources in a number of ways:

By phone

Our Member Services Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call 844-622-4369 for any questions regarding your pharmacy benefits or prescription coverage.


Visit the secure, private member web portal to:

  • Manage all your prescriptions on a single dashboard
  • Compare prices at local pharmacies
  • Find the lowest cost for your prescription
  • Locate a pharmacy near you
  • Keep track of your health history
  • Track your individual and family spending
  • Learn more about your prescription drugs

Via the mobile app

Easily access your information anytime, anywhere using your mobile device. Download the CerpassRx mobile app for tools to help you maximize your pharmacy benefit.


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