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Frequently Ask Questions

What is a Formulary?

Your health insurance benefit provides a drug listing of covered medications that you and your prescriber may use to help in selecting the best treatment for your condition, while ensuring coverage so you pay the lowest cost. This list is commonly referred to as a FORMULARY.

Who decides which medications are included on our Formulary?

This important pharmacy benefit tool is managed and updated by pharmacists and physicians, who review medical literature and disease state guidelines for standard of care.

 Why does my Formulary list change over time?

Another vital aspect of formulary review and maintenance, is ensuring that the drugs that are included continue to be both optimal for your health and well being and provide the lowest net cost amongst similar available medications. New generic medications become available, treatment guidelines are updated, and scientific discovery provides novel treatments. The world of medicine is changing quickly, and maintaining the most appropriate listing of covered medications is why your Formulary is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.